GPS and WiFi antennas

This is perfect hardware for integrating Panasonic Toughbooks with the NMEA-0183 Reader, and OpenGTS!

Product Description

GPS data logger with automatic Wi-Fi upload, for in-cab Windows-based computers.

The NMEA 0183 GPS Reader has been created to provide an easy solution that can be installed onto in-vehicle computers; such as, the Panasonic toughbook to send GPS data to an OpenGTS or GTS Enterprise server. The software allows people and organizations to connect GPS Receiver/Antenna type devices to a USB port on the computer and transmit the GPS information to the fleet management tracking server.


Panasonic Toughbooks

In-Vehicle Mounted Computers

A popular Public and Private sector in-vehicle computing solution that is perfect for integrating the AntennaPlus hardware, NMEA0183 Reader, and OpenGTS!

Product Features

  • Installs on Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 2007.
  • Has a simple to use Windows installer.
  • Is built using the .Net Framework 4.0.
  • Can operate the application using an Interactive Form. Typically, used to confirm that the device is working after installing device drivers.
  • Can operate the application with Interactive Form hidden as a background process.
  • The software automatically detects and selects the COM based upon the GPS device name found in the Device Manager configured by the device driver installation process.
  • If the software experiences any COM port read or communication errors, an itiator will automatically re-start the application within a few seconds.
  • Event log messages are written in the Application Event Viewer
  • Lists and displays filtered NMEA 0183 sentences in a list box based upon chosen transmision interval.

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OpenGTS™ ("Open GPS Tracking System") is the first available open source project designed specifically to provide web-based GPS tracking services for a "fleet" of vehicles.

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GTS Enterprise

GTS Enterprise

Home of the most popular GPS tracking software In The World!.

In use in over 90 countries, and tracking assets on Every Continent!

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